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The Myth of Patient Satisfaction

In his 2013 AMA Journal of Ethics report, Richard Bolton Siegrist, Jr., MBA, MS, CPA states a number of myths about patient satisfaction scores. I’d like to revisit the following 3 myths… because I feel this is important for medical practitioners and their teams....


3 Simple Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores

People everywhere have an inherent need: to be seen, validated and appreciated. But how do you show customer appreciation when your staff (and you) are overworked, unhappy, stressed and operating close to their breaking point? The answer: you can’t! And your...


Customer Service Anxiety, Are You Psyching Yourself Out?

Week after week you go to work dreading the day ahead. What once was exciting and fun to you has turned into a series of customer complaints, annoying bickering between staff, endless days spent wading through an increasing mountain of paperwork and late nights at...