About Our Workshops

Passion for Patients International™ Workshops are on-site, interactive, customized to meet the need of each healthcare organization.  Each session includes engaging role-playing exercises that will inspire Off-the-Chart Medical Etiquette into daily work and into the organizational culture.

3 things that set us apart  — Practices that have completed our Workshops are seeing impressive results in a couple of key areas.

  1.  Leaders report that after the workshops, their teams are much more communicative and collaborative.
  2.  Some say the ‘spirit’ in the office is much more positive.
  3.  Leaders also report that their patient satisfaction scores have improved and patient complaints have dropped after the Passion for Patients International™ Workshops.

Here is why we believe these changes have taken place: 

  • Passion for Patients International™ Workshops are on-site, customized, and highly interactive.
  • Passion for Patients International™ Mystery Patient Assessments (our version of secret shopper) identify high-points and low-points in the patient experience.
  • Passion for Patients International™ Medical Etiquette Coaching Program (our version of train-the-trainer) provides emerging leaders or other identified team members with the tools to Refresh and Practice with their peers the key points of our training.  This is a very effective tool to sustain a culture of a higher level of Medical Etiquette.

Sample Workshop Topics

  • Identify Barriers to Communication
  • Master more effective Verbal and
  • Non-verbal Communication skills
  • De-Fuse Difficult Situations
  • Reduce Incivility in the Workplace and Accidental Communication habits
  • Excel at using the Power of Touch,
  • Tone & Space
  • Leave a GOOD Lasting Impression
  • AND MORE!!!

Communication Workshop for Medical Practice Staff

Customer Service Training for Medical Practices

Sensitivity Training for Medical Office Staff

How to Create a Good Lasting Impression

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