3 Simple Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores


People everywhere have an inherent need: to be seen, validated and appreciated. But how do you show customer appreciation when your staff (and you) are overworked, unhappy, stressed and operating close to their breaking point?

The answer: you can’t! And your patients can FEEL that.

1. Simplify the user experience

  • How easy it is for patients to get through your front door?
  • Are they made to feel welcome when entering your practice or clinic?
  • How comfortable are the chairs for the sick and elderly?
  • How is the ambience?

See, when we’re made to feel welcome and shown that we are respected as an individual we will automatically feel at ease in a new environment. And chances are that we will remember that interaction with a smile and tell a friend about it if the opportunity presents itself.

Now imagine what would happen if all of your patients would rave about the customer service at your clinic or practice… feels great, right?

Well, I can help you make that true if you’re interested. I know you’re busy. But you’ll want to hear me out for 15 minutes that could change everything for you and your staff.

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2. Develop an interpersonal power of kindness…

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” —Mark Twain

  • Kindness is compassion, eye contact, touch, love…
  • Kindness is free to give but rich in the rewards you get back.
  • Kindness is rare these days and essential for the survival of your practice.

Practice the art of kindness and your practice will bloom.

3. Make it a goal to eliminate customer complaints!

When everyone works together with a common goal—magic happens.

You want to foster great team spirit so that your employees feel excited about coming to work, regardless if the day ends up being hectic and chaotic (most days are).

Team spirit creates a vacuum for change. And when you change the negatives to positives your patients will be caught up in that wave of excitement and feel nurtured as part of a bigger plan.

Add to that kindness and a simplified user experience and you have a recipe for radical change that will send ripples of appreciation through your entire workplace.

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