Customer Service Anxiety, Are You Psyching Yourself Out?


Week after week you go to work dreading the day ahead. What once was exciting and fun to you has turned into a series of customer complaints, annoying bickering between staff, endless days spent wading through an increasing mountain of paperwork and late nights at the office because it’s the ONLY way you can deal with this madness.

The everyday reality in many practices and clinics across the country is… bordering on sheer madness.

Staff are unhappy, patients complain, physicians and doctors are up to their ears in the crazy demands of the everyday workday.

“Without work, all life goes rotten. But when work is soulless, life stifles and dies.” —Albert Camus

How did you get to the here and now?

It’s true, your work ethics, staff, patients and profits are increasingly under threat from a need to process more and more patients through your clinic or practice to keep up with rising admin costs, declining reimbursements, transition to ICD-10 and the Affordable Care Act.

Mass-production medicine has become the standard. Double, triple and even quadruple booking of appointments has become the norm and everyone suffers — patients, physicians, and especially office staff who must find a way to cope with this impossible pace.

And yet, you entered the industry because you want to help people. You’ve become a slave to the system that is increasingly putting more pressure on everyone involved.

  • This is NOT what it was supposed to be like.
  • You NEVER signed up for this madness.

You and your staff want to come to a workplace where work is productive, highly engaging and founded on great communication and customer service.

But heck, where do you FIND the time to make this happen?

How can you possibly add staff training and new patient care communication into an already crazy workday?

Well, you don’t have to do the heavy lifting. I can take that mountain of stress from your shoulders and from the shoulders of your PA—if you hear me out so that I can explain how to create a work revolution AND save money in the long run.

The buck starts and stops with you—the physician, doctor, clinic director.

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