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For EMS Teams Who Want To Provide 5-star Medical Etiquette

The ONLY Solution for EMS Teams Who Want to Provide Outstanding 5-Star Medical Etiquette to Every Patient!

During stressful, life-changing emergency situations you and your team can offer each patient top-notch service and emergency assistance.

Why is this important? Because when you…

Change experiences, you change lives!

The Passion for Patients International™ consulting program has been designed to equip emergency medical technicians, paramedics, and other first responders with innovative, necessary skills to provide outstanding, 5-Star medical etiquette.

What if your team could:

Effectively communicate with patients and caregivers

Efficiently defuse difficult situations

Quickly connect with everyone involved on the call

This program helps emergency responders bridge generational and cultural gaps with ease.

Passion for Patients International™ is customized and interactive. If you’re looking to become proficient at communicating and collaborating with patients, caregivers, professionals at medical centers, hospitals, senior living communities and others… you’ll love Passion for Patients International™.

Who is this for?

New EMS professionals

Ambulatory teams or individuals

Fire rescue teams or individuals

Hospital teams or individuals

Passion for Patients International™ fits like the missing puzzle piece right into any required refresher education for existing teams.

What clients say…

“Thank you! Great information and a great experience.” — Student in PforP consulting session

“Really good class. I enjoyed it. Thanks!” — Student in PforP consulting session

“We recently had the pleasure of hosting “Passion for Patients” during our Paramedic Refresher course. The class was extremely beneficial for those who never received a formal customer service/etiquette type of training. The information covered was relevant to the Fire Service and our pursuit of providing the best possible customer service experience. I would highly recommend this class for those looking to improve their customer service delivery skills.”
— Jeremiah, Local Firefighter/EMS Trainer

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