5 Steps to Eliminate High Staff Turnover Costs in Your Practice


Did you know: every staff member you fire ends up costing you up to 21% of that person’s annual salary in replacement costs? Source: Center for American Progress

The 2013 research, based on 30 case studies and 11 research papers clearly indicates a deeper issue for practicing physicians and doctors across the nation. You may have experienced similar costs in your practice? And the problem is: these unnecessary costs are slowly eroding your bottom line profits!

So knowing this, let’s look at some simple steps you can take to eliminate this threat to your livelihood or at the very least, reduce it dramatically.

Step #1: Involve key staff in your big vision.

 High staff turnover is a clear indication of a serious underlying issue in the workplace. Why do people leave jobs? They usually do because they are unhappy.

  • They feel unfulfilled.
  • They’re frustrated.
  • They’re overworked and burnt out (physically and emotionally).
  • They’re unhappy because of underlying interpersonal conflict with other workers.
  • They’re underpaid.
  • They feel used and abused.
  • And they’re not able to express themselves freely (constrained).

You can manage these issues by asking key employees what they want and involve them in the big-picture vision for the practice. By nature, most people want to perform with excellence. When you nurture employees and foster their creative genius you’ll build a better relationship with your team. Better relationships prevent staff turnover.

Step #2: Hire the right people!

 When all hell breaks lose and you’re short staffed up till your eyeballs you’re forgiven to wanting to hire anyone that comes knocking on your door. Don’t! It pays to carefully select job applicants and to choose them for their personality. You want to hire people who are courteous, friendly, respectful, can look you in the eye and demonstrate great personal skills, because these people are involved in front of house patient care.

You also want people who are driven and can work well under pressure, without losing their cool.

Step #3: Utilize staff skills based on their accreditation.

 Bus companies don’t employ pilots. Physicians shouldn’t employ people who are overqualified and underpaid. Hire people who strive to make a career out of their job and likely do whatever it takes to perform with excellence to advance on the career ladder.

Does that mean you have to abuse staff? Of course not. It’s about fostering a great team environment where key staff are included in the day-to-day running of the practice and the higher vision. The rest of the team gets rewarded for playing to the team spirit and for practising great patient service.

Step #4: Reward staff, based on performance.

 People love rewards. Rewards don’t have to be monetary all the time.

You can foster great team spirit by awarding movie tickets, gifts, groceries paid for the week, etc.

So right now you’re probably thinking, “But that costs money I don’t have!”

Sure, everything costs money. But how much money does it cost you right now to keep hiring and firing the wrong people?


Step #5: Eliminate your (costly) staff issues with Passion for Patients™

 Passion for Patients™ teaches your staff the most up-to-date and effective techniques to deal with difficult, frightened, or reactive patients. This coaching system is the most impactful, interactive, on-site training available to your staff to facilitate a 5-star service culture for every patient, at every visit.

Passion for Patients™ helps your staff:

  • Improve their communication style…
  • Use trust-building language…
  • Develop an interpersonal power of kindness…
  • Recognize the effective use of body language…
  • Understand the personal space code…

So that they can facilitate a higher quality of interactive touch-points for your patients.

My system helps you improve staff retention, enhance the selection and recruitment process, and attract higher quality candidates who seek employment where the clinic culture demonstrates true Passion for Patients™.

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