Different Things Mean Different Things to Different People


We are each the sum of all of our experiences. That is why we are all unique—“just like everyone else”. As we gain those experiences, whether through education, work, or even romance, things take on different meanings to each of us. Perceptions vary!

Think of a desk. The desk you are picturing in your mind will almost certainly differ from the one I have in mind. Desk is a four-letter word. A desk is a fairly simple thing. It can be seen and touched. It can be made of dark wood, gray metal, or even glass. If something as simple as a desk can create such different visions in the minds of people, imagine what more difficult things (like technical medical terms) can inspire. Keep your eye on your audience to make sure they see what you see. Be as specific as you can, and clarify if you must, and always remember that different things mean different things to different people.

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