We’ve Been Featured!


We’ve been featured! Passion for Patients™ is honored to be featured by Maricopa Small Business Development Center Network (SBDC) this month.

Back in December 2017, Passion for Patients™ was invited to conduct customized and interactive workshops to the staff at Health City on Grand Cayman. We focused on giving interpersonal and intercultural training for staff. It was a wonderful time helping organizations fulfil the need to bring medical etiquette back to healthcare.

At the two-year mark of launching Passion for Patients™ I realized I was spending most of my time, energy and creativity on only half of my business. Of course, I was passionate and focused more on the pieces I enjoyed and knew well, such as; training, curriculum development, and the sales part of the business. I realized I was neglecting other business development tasks, especially the financial areas.

Nevertheless, I was fortunate to be assigned to Paula Wittekind, the SBDC business analyst. She aided me to grasp the importance of changing that! Paula had graciously coached me to a more advanced level of understanding the importance of cash flow into and out of my business. I was provided with specific tools and resources to help develop the financial activity of the business and increase profit potential.

Thanks to Paula, I’ve acquired the confidence to ‘own’ that very important part of my business. I am appreciative of The SBDC for being a tremendous resource and support to me as a new entrepreneur and I am so pleased to work with Paula.

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