The healthcare system in America is arguably one of the finest in the world and is also in a state of turmoil.

Canadians frequently come to the United States for medical procedures that cannot be timely scheduled in Canada.  At the same time, Americans are paying more for health insurance and healthcare than even before.  Amidst all of this tumult, amazing things are happening just south of Cuba on the tiny island of Grand Cayman.

Mother Theresa’s personal physician, Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty is making healthcare more available to everyone through the creation of Health City.  Located well east of such tourist destinations as Seven Mile Beach and Camana Bay, Health City is a part of a healthcare master plan that includes a hospital that will ultimately house 2,000 beds, a senior-living facility, housing for staff and patients’ families, and retail facilities.

Health City provides clinical and emergency services for local Caymanians as well as tourist.  Because of the quality and affordability of care, it is fast becoming a destination for medical tourism for patients from all over the world.  Grand Cayman is home to approximately 65,000 residents.  Among those 65,000, over 160 nationalities are represented.  The staff at Health City is also multinational.  The largest percentage of staff is from India.  That creates the need for housing for staff.  Employees from the Philippines, Central and South Americans, Caymanians, and Jamaicans make up the rest.  With the influx of patients from all over the world, the challenge of creating a world class healthcare experience is immense and one that Health City gladly embraces.

To create a world class healthcare experience, Health City turned to Passion for Patients™ to provide interpersonal and intercultural training for staff.  Team members who attended the workshops included housekeeping, care coordinators, physical therapists, finance, nursing and other medical providers including nurses and physicians.  The patient satisfaction score for Health City is at a very impressive 95%.  However, they believe they can improve.  Most of the clients of Passion for Patients™ want to be the healthcare provider of choice for their own metropolitan area.  Health City wants to be the healthcare provider of choice for the world.  No small task!

Health City Chief Operating Officer Anuj Gupta says that they have been very strong in technical skill training for all of their medical personnel.  Now he wants to improve the softs skills that play such an important role in the overall patient experience.  Clearly they want that patient satisfaction score to improve.  In December 2017, Passion for Patientsprovided their customized and interactive workshops to the staff at Health City on Grand Cayman.  The staff welcomed trainers with open arms and absorbed the material in all four workshops as if they were sponges.  In-house Health City trainers will continue to work with the staff at Passion for Patients™ to make an already outstanding patient experience even better. Check out some pictures of our event below.

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HCCI staff feedback

“I am a new employee.  I really enjoyed all the sessions; they were very useful.  It also motivated me to grow in my career and also as a good human being.  Thanks a lot.”

“Thank you for this very interactive session, was very helpful, definitely will apply these points to our day-to-day activities.”

“I am very grateful for this teaching; I learned a lot.  Thanks so much.”

“Thank you so much because I learned new communication skills…Passion for Patients and for Personnel.”

“Thank you very much Ms. Gina and Mr. John for taking your time to share and teach Health

City staff to treat patients/co-workers and love one with passions.  It was a very good learning stage for me and I will be continually passing my experience.”

“It was an excellent session.  There was a lot of hard work behind the screen to make it successful.  I believe it will help us improve.”

“Excellent sessions!”

“I have learned a lot –to make me better in my work and with my family”.

“I wish you could come back for another group to get fully what we have got.”

“I was only here for the last session – but I clearly understand the point your getting across.  Thank you so much.  This training was needed.”

“Overall it was a great project.  Mr John is really great – Ms. Gina is sweet.”

“Appreciated the new skills learned and to improve knowledge.  With daily activities at workplace, we can do extremely well with patients. Very much appreciated.”

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