THE EYES HAVE IT! (but not all of it)

“Look at me when I talk to you!”  “Look me in the eye and say that!”  All or nearly all of us have either heard these statements, or have made them ourselves. In many cultures and in our culture in particular, lack of eye contact is often an indicator that the person with whom we are communicating is either lying or does not care about what we are saying.

In lectures or even in casual conversation, eye contact with the speaker indicates interest in the subject….from the speaker as well as the audience.   But during very important conversations, like those between a healthcare worker and a patient, it takes more than simple eye contact.  Eye contact over a shoulder as one is walking out of a room does not convey a sincere interest.  Likewise, eye contact over a shoulder as one is typing on a computer doesn’t either.

Too many of us have had the disenchanting experience of talking to the shoulder of a doctor or a medical assistant.  As they type on their laptops or Ipads, turning to make eye contact with their patient is way more than awkward.

Practices that focus on facilitating outstanding PX have found simple solutions to this common challenge.  Thank goodness for swivel chairs.  These simple furnishings allow medical personnel to type in the computer and then turn to face a patient directly.

Focusing this level of attention on the patient communicates sincerity and a real interest in the patient’s well being.  If you or your staff don’t think of this simple technique, it’s time to start. Learn this and other simple ways to convince your patients that you truly have Passion for Patients™.  Contact us to learn more.

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